Ford GT

Hey all,

It's me again :) Time to post another project i'm working on too. It's the ford gt, tuned by the gt guys. I've been working on this for several months now, and the exterior is almost finish :)

C&C appreciated als always.



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Yes thats typically ERIK_S :)

Fantastic work man! I'm just pleased that you nearly finished something "officially" ;) Really looking forward for some renders of you.
The only thing i would like to mention, maybe you could increase the size of the rims? for me a little bit too much tire profile, except you're going to do a Race Car version.

Thanks for all the comments guys, i appreciate it :)

@Duron: These tyre/rim sizes are directly of pictures, and tho i've seen better it kinda suits the car imo. Rough and fast :) So i'll leave it like this for now and if it starts bothering me again i'll change it ;)

@Equinox: i'm planning too, so stay tuned ;)

So time for an update, has been a turbulent holidays with lots of things going on, lots of projects and some time for the ford GT. I actually have finished/mapped/textured the whole exterior now.

Next will be the interior, so lets see how far i can get with that :)

Here are some shots of the finished exterior, including a bunch of color combinations for the car :) The basic interior has been made by Salim, because he couldn't stand it without interior ;) So credits go to him for that.

C&C appreciated as always



black and orange are favorite ones ever :D love it man !
keep it up bro ! i'm looking forward for the final verssion of this baby with the final interior ;) !

guys !! i'm looking for the love botton where is it ?
Hey Erik_S, Glad to see another Dutch member in this Epic forum of 3D Cars deliciousness
You're doing a great job on this! Keep it up! Looks great!

Or: Ziet er goed uit man, ga zo door :)

P.s. I know my flag says I'm from Ireland, but that's just because that's my current location...