Ford Focus RS


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Tadaa... Discocandy. Photoshop has GIF export as well :lol: so why not ?

This one has 256 levels of gray ( didn' t have time to tweak the gray to fit in any of the standard levels without getting dithered ) but it is less than the 1020 kb of the original one...
As I said before, just forget about JPEG' s if the image is not photographic.



haha just as yesterday..
i'm not behind that computer.. these images are original in eps or ai format.
but i can't post those because of licence troubles. :cry:
.. well i an not allowed to post these ones aswell..... :twisted:
but the program i import it in only exports to jpg.
most of the times i send the to my house and post them afterwards. but i've got no time to do that.
so thnx Pete for doing this.!!


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No problem at all, DiscoCandy :D though I don' t have time to do this all day :?
If these files come in EPS or AI format, why not using Antialiasing when rendering ? They would come out waaaay better ...

thank you got a 2000-present Toyota Celica laying around somewhere? (i know i been bitching about it)

well theres a royal problem the top print in the front and somewhat on the back the whole front aint lining up with the side view thats all i can find out for now on what's royaly wrong with this print

EDIT your post next time