Ford Evos Concept


The Ford Evos Concept, a futuristic fastback that harks back to classic GT cars but is so loaded with technology that it can "suggest a healthier route to the destination," will debut at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show.

The Ford Evos Concept is a plug-in hybrid with lithium-ion batteries, along with four gullwing doors and a four-passenger cabin. Don't expect to see the dramatic doors on a production Ford, but the Evos Concept's face is likely to make it into the real world. It features what Ford calls a "higher-mounted trapezoidal grille."

"You will never see this car on the road," said Ford in a statement, adding that the one-off concept showcases "a new vision for customer-focused and intuitive technologies." But the Dearborn automaker hastened to point out that the Evos Concept is more than a 2-ton smartphone.

"The intent is not to convert the vehicle into a smartphone, but rather to provide personalized and safe connection to the outside world in an enriching manner," said Derrick Kuzak, Ford group vice president of global product development.

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Ford Evos Concept Set for Global Debut at 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show

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You really don't want to get a chip in your windscreen on that car. :eek: One piece of glass from the front, over the roof and to the rear.

Interesting design. There is a hint of Aston Martin in the rear side window.