fnfc - Toyota Supra GT

Well, after some time again I've finally a new vinyl texture. I've taken it from a photo, and edited it in photo impact until it looked like now. I think its better than the old one.
What is still missing are the windshield wipers, the middle mirror and the license plate on the back. And of course some decals.


staticrain03 said:
damn thats very nice where u get the vinyl from

oh yea also i think u rim are too thin
Yeah, I know, the rim is too thin, but I'm actually to lazy to fix it, but for the final renders it will be fixed!
And sorry, was it a question where I get the vinyl from, or have I misunderstood you? Sorry, my english ins't the best...

@redstar: thanks for your opinion. now I've build a new studio, and tried something new with the lighting. The headligt texture is also different, at least a bit. what do you think about it? The only problem with this light-setup is that it takes 3 hours to render one pic in this resolution :(