fnfc - Toyota Supra GT

Hahaha i love it how everybody follows blueprints on the back and never get the rearlgihts area correct. Your rearlgihts are way to short. Make them wider. And do not follow blueprints on this part!
@Xer0123: Yes, I know... I was a bit confused by this pic I found: http://www.df-cars.ch/images/Supra-3.jpg

@carfreak: Thanks, but I'm not a photoshop freak. I've tested the image, the result is attached. But I'm really not satisfied with it. I'll search more to find a good source for the vinyl. But I'm thankful for every help.

@shinranryul: thanks... :)

Yesterday I've made the wheels.


So, after some time I have a small update again. The car is almost finish. Textures are still missing and I'm planing to model an interriour, but not to detailed.

One question: Whats about the paint color, is it ok? Or too dark or bright?

ps: when I've tried to attach the images, an error occured.

Rear View

Thanks for the comments! I'll try a more dark color soon. I also agree with andybuck. On this test render the rims are still thin, but I'll fix that later in progress. Atm I'm busy with the interriuer.
The decals are so blurry because I havn't found a good texture in the net... If somone could help me I would be very thankful. I'm not very good in work with photoshop :(


Thanks you two! Its very nice!
@Kiro: Yes, they're not bad, but to small. If I use them they will be blured like the actual decals I'm using. But thanks for trying!

@NightEye: I've found this, too. But its not the right decal, and as I said, I don't know how to correct it in photoshop... but also thanks for trying!

here is the decal wich I've used on the last few pics... also found via google


Well personnly I would inlarge it on a high res canvas and it, something like should only take 30-60mins, depending on skill and if any mistakes come up