fnfc - RX-7 fortune

My RX-7 in drift, the whole movie/clip will come in about 2-3 days. What are you think guys?

btw. help with motion blur: how to turn on motion blur only on wheels, not on whole car?


seancatlin11 said:
use photoshop? but did you create the smoke with particle flow? could you show us how to do it?
I was made smoke with HyperVoxels, there is no Photoshop. I can show you how to do that, but i don't have so much time for that long tutorial, sorry. There is tons of that kind tutorial on net
Ok i can tell you how to do motion blur for only the wheels thanks to evil for teaching me. First animate your wheels so they look like they rotate then set up your camera. Go to render/camera(only if you are using vray if not click the camera and go down to effects and set it to motion blur) and then check mark motion blur. Then go to your camera view and render.
This is the effect i got for my 2f2f skyline.


It's easier than that.
Right click the object, and choose Properties.
At the bottom right of the new window Enable motion blur, and make it 'By Object'.
Auto-key the wheel rotation and render.
Yea it should be but like i said right now i just wanted to see if the motion blur looked good. So next render everything should be looking good.
I have change half of the car, front bumper, front fenders, hood, headlights and trunk for better accuracy. So what are you think now guys?
I know that i don't have brakes but that is in progress, its so boring making them.

btw. have someone some good track picture for some good drift scene and some good car sound in drift or drag or somethink for little animation?