fnfc - RX-7 fortune

Little update, exterior is almost done, just a few details and changes.

Have someone good ref pics of interior? I'm gonna TRY model a interior, becouse there is tons of details, like /////ALPINE headunits, sub's, amplifiers......


Long time no see, i was at the see with my friends 12 days, so i didnt make any progress except few renders. For interior i don't have time becouse i have to study, i have 22.8.2006 second and last term. I fail german language and electronic systems.
In renders, car is maybe too clean, how to make him little dirty or something?


hm looks like low level light in that background, probs quite a bit of cloud covering, so i dont think the shadows wud be as sharp as urs, probs more light and diffused. but the car is pretty sweet, the best model of this kit ive seen so far. good luck
yeah it's way to clean...
Also imo the car is a bit to bright.. the whole area is grey and dull (cause of the overcast) but the car jumps out of the picture because it's very light compared to the other things :s

EDIT: and andy beated me darn you...