fnfc - Nissan Skyline R33 GTR

someone said they wanted more beginners to take part so they wouldnt be alone...so here I am. I chose to do the Skyline driven by the character Leon from the first movie. I still need to find some reference pictures of it, but this is what i have so far...


Haha I wanted more beginners but it looks like your skills are way better then beginners. This looks good so smooth and good. Keep it up

im really really new to the 3d scene ive been doing it for a while making like blueprints and some 3d pictures drawn by hand what program/programs are you generally using to do these. If u can just private message me or email me at mntnbkawf@hotmail.com cause ill prolly loose this thread
Somthing seems off about the shape, but you should be able to figure it out when you find more reference material. I looks good overall, though. Perhaps you could post a wire?
Cold As Ice10129 said:
every ref. picture i have is a little different but would you say that the colors seem right or do i need to fix some stuff in that field.
I may have been wrong about the shape...id does seem very close, actually. The color may be a bit on the lite side, though...Maybie a little darker and less satin...more gloss.