Fnfc - Nissan 350z

Ok this is the gold 350z from the new Fast'n Furious movie. I start this the day the comp started and didnt even know the comp was on hehe >.< anyway heres some pics

Let me know what you think.


The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift Car

Car Model - Nissan 350z

Driver - Chappatsu

Body Kit - Top Secret G-Force widebody kit

Other body changes: Top Secret FRP hood and a Top Secret carbon fiber wing

Rims - Volk GT-C


RedStar it started on the 4th right? The only thing is I live in Australia and the 4th for me could have been like 16 hours b4 you got to the forth depending where you are.. I hope thats ok. Im on school holidays right now and I dont have much to do so I have been working pritty flat out thats why I have so much done :) and thanks :)

mpfive thank you :) will you be entering a car?
snipehunter4 said:
mpfive thank you :) will you be entering a car?

hehe, np.. entering a car? no.. model a new car? yes... which i'm starting today... i'll post it soon..rite now i got zero, lol, but neways.. its ur thread.. not mine.. lol... u'll c mine in a few days, and i think u'll be quiet surprised, lol

btw.. thnx, (for what? u'll soon find out)

The IC

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this ones goin nicely, keep it up :)...youre in Aus, did ya see up the issue of autosalon that had the fnf3 cars as the main feature? cos thats got great refpics of this car in it
No I didnt, but i have a webpage with 16 Good sized images of this car from alot of different angles so i have enough ref pics :) Ill update what i have done soon