fnfc - Eclipse (Tyrese's Eclipse From Part 2)

ohh yea your right. Good eye red. Hmm well if anyone can find the rims from that eclipse that woulld be great. it not i might have to eyeball it. There are pics I have, if anyone also has pics, post them.

*Redstar* does it matter which rim I use since they both are the eclipse from FnF. It would be easier to find the rim that I posted but if I have to stick to the rims from the other one then thats fine.


I found the rims. SirDavidP is right, its the lowenhart br5 but there are all ref pics of it, not good str8 ahead shot. I guess ill work with the rims after I do the front end unless i can get a good shot because I dont want to start off my project with an eyeballed part. Thanks for everyones help though
Ok, heres a update. I working on the general shape before I go into detail. I have alot of errors like the corner of the headlight thats on the fender, that should be a sqaure edge and mines is round. Also, the back bumper, the reverse light has some pinching but ill work on it soon. Please comment

<img src="ericmattison.com/mypics/Rendered Shots/Eclipse11.jpg">
<img src="ericmattison.com/mypics/Rendered Shots/Eclipse6.jpg">
<img src="ericmattison.com/mypics/Rendered Shots/Eclipse2.jpg">
<img src="ericmattison.com/mypics/Rendered Shots/Eclipse3.jpg">
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Great start, but if I could just add something and say that maybe you should reduce in size the rear wing and the exhaust, but the body looks good.
yea the spoiler is tough. if u look at the ref pics, that spoiler is huge. I did change the side panels on the spoiler today because the one in the pic i made is pretty off. I need more ref pics to get a good viewing but the exhasut is big also. Ill make that smaller