firefox master password popup


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Hello every one,
(Off topic :first, i would like to say that i didn't had any idea how to call this thread :p )

I have a master password on my web-browser, now
When ever i open SMC home page (SMCARS.NET) , i get a pop-up asking me to type in the password ? wtf...
it's like that the web page is trying to retrieve my saved passwords or something ...

Any how i don't type it in , because there is no need to , i'm already logged in . also if i enter the direct link to a forum ( I don't get that pop up ... only for the home page.

Can this be looked in to , because it is really irritating.

Thanks in advance :)



there is no pop up on the frontpage installed asking for your password, there is not even a thrid party ad. Something is wrong with your system.



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nothing is wrong whit my system.
on every system whit firefox browser and an firefox master password , same thing happens, the page asks me to unlock the cookies for it to be able to automatically log me in,(if i saved my password in the browser) , even if I'm already logged in SMC. do you understand it now ?