Ferrari F50

Its alright. We all get hyped up sometime. :p

Yea, after I wrote that piece I started looking for free software. I got Blender and POV-Ray. Blender is pretty complicated and hard to use. You know of any good tutorials?.....besides the home site.
Front lip is fine, i guess you were looking at pics of american F50, the European is a bit different and a lot nicer:p. The nose is fine, maybe you wer looking at old pics and didn't notice the later build.

Are you sure you didn't notice this is lowpoly cars' section...?xD

Thanks for explainig it to him, but cool down a little bit:D

I think that in Trial version of Deep Eploration 5 you can render, i'm not sure though.

So i got finally home and modeled completly the rear bumper, remodeled the intakes in hood (they are deeper and bigger now), fixed some areas (and still need to) and rendered the car with nice 'Giallo Modena' paint:

The rear end is almost finished, it just misses that horse logo (different from the front one), exhaust tips and a licenseplate (of course an italian one:D):

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And then I look at the topic subjects and that's why I didn't see where this belong to.
Please, don't reply no more on this.
Yea, pretty much dead, but so far this topic has about 900 views, so it's not THAT badxD
Finished windshield, side windows (there was a missing piece of rubber) and modeled that plastic engine cover thing:

Only things that left are side indicators on front side and a wiper. I'll try to model it today (though i HATE modeling wipers).
I know nothing about accuracy, but I just had to say you're doing a great job 8)
As for modeling wipers: I suggest to stop by your local car parts store and buy one (a few euro's (couple of hundred czech crowns :p ) and you have the best reference you can think of. Or, if you have a car yourself, click it off and take it with you to your pc.

Good luck!