Ferrari F355

That's actually too stunning to be real8(

Did any game studio contacted you already? Games with your models would rock hard.:)
really amazing work Tonn its always a pleasure to see you model. Just 1 thing i thought was off is the pedals,they look too far over to the right in my opinion. but keep this up its amazing.
Weird.. I remember as if I had posted the interior pic, maybe it got lost as SMC was down just after that post.

Anyway here it is again(the stiches material problem has been fixed), along with an exterior in some nasty colour for a change of red/yellow.

@Rob J- Thanks! Most of the gamestudios aren`t looking for remote hire so at this point I´m not looking very much.

@Catlin- I agree, the pedals look a bit misaligned.. looking at the some photos they actually look to be positioned a bit akward but I guess I still have to move them a bit more to the left.

what a weird exterior color :p
It looks just awesome Tonn :) and yes pedals are wrong, too much on right and hmm i may say maybe are too little too, but maybe is just this perspective ;)