Ferrari Dino Berlinetta competizione.

Hello all. I am new at this astonishing site.

I have just received a pretty rare model kit from Bandai, is Dino Berlinetta competizione 1/16 scale. It is very old but is a very good kit I had it in late 60`s. Looking for pictures in internet there is very few, but the kit seems to be pretty accurate to them. If anyone is interested in this model I can supply pictures and even measurements.

Regards to all.

Yeah if that's possible, I'm sure some people would appreciate that :) I don't see blueprints of that car on the internet so I could make a 3D model of the car and do blueprints with it.
Thanks for sharing that with us !


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Well Would making an 3D Cage from pictures make it be copyright ?
Since when you make a 3d model for the blueprints that's not quite it... Making the blueprints in 3D , like a cage is easier and more interesting and i guess It does the job better ...

So yes a lot of pictures, and some measurement would be really awesome