Factory Five Interactive Kit Builder Program

I just release a beta of a program I have been working on for a very long time. In short, it is a tool for Factory Five customers to create/order/customize their very own roadster (cobra replica).

We are still in the process of adding several features and we are updating it daily. We posted this beta on the FFR forum on Wednesday and since then had had a ton of feedback and lots of photos taken. The program allows you to take photos that are saved on the server, allowing people to save and share what they have built.

Please give it a try and post your feedback. On the other forum, I am getting great car guy feedback. Here I can get great CG guy feedback. Have fun with it, and post your shots :)

Public Beta test - PC and MAC compatible
LINK: 3dautosports.com/ffr/beta



nice one. looks like a lot of work went into this.

one thing i noticed, when i go to fullscreen on my dual 1680x1050 setup, it blacks out both my screens for 2-3 seconds and then displays on the primary monitor, although i had the browser on my secondary monitor. and the aspect ratio is wrong. looks like it stretches the 4:3 picture to fill the 16:10 display.
I am not sure what to do with the full screen effect. I am thinking about just disabling it because I don't know how to allow people select a resolution when going into that mode.