Experienced Coder for main page and SMCARS WANTED

We at SMCars are planning on a major rehaul of the entire site. However our main man of coding and such has become excessively busy with other engagements. We need someone who is experienced in HTML, PHP, and mysql skills.

Here is a run down of what we have in mind for SMCars..

The first major change would be, no more prints on the main board. Every time a new car forum is added or a new forum is needed this page just gets longer and longer, and frankly it’s just starting to look very unprofessional. As of right now it is undecided right now if donation forum will be left on forum or made into an upload point where people can make comments.

Before coming to SMCars I used to and still am somewhat a frequent NFScars fan. I would hang out at such sites as NFSCars.net or ND4SPWORLD.com and that is where I got the inspiration for how the Blueprints would be handled.

I have no knowledge of this stuff which is why I am posting this stuff. And my idea I’ve been told is possible but it would be hard I guess. Here is the scenario.
1. You come on to SMCars and you see a button that says, “Blueprintsâ€.
2. You click this button and the page loads and now you have options of how you want the blueprints listed.
• by Author
• by Number of Downloads
• by Brand and maybe by Latest Prints

Say you click by Brand, well the page loads and there is an organized list of all the cars we have prints for here. Next to each name is a number of how many prints there are for each brand.
If you were to click by number of downloads then a page would load and it would contain the top ranked blueprints. On NFScars its 97 pages but we might try top 25 or 50 prints not sure yet. You finally click by Author, a list of all people who donated prints and the number of prints by there name. Now the author idea may be overkill but again these are just ideas.

The Members only rule will still be in play as well. If you are not logged on and you click on a print, then same thing will happen that happens now, a window pops up prompting for name and password. Another idea I am taking from NFScars is that you can still make comments on the prints by clicking on add comment to print or whatever.
You could also do it youreself. Download the trial of macromedia dreamweaver. Copy the code (original website) or the system to dreamweaver, follow some tuts and you know how to fix it..

Just suggestion ...nothing more...
It's a lot more then that yes ;)

Oh and you got my name right NE ;)

Well coding something like what you're suggesting would be a lot of work.
However at Lostheaven we have quite a system to handle downloads.
It's combined with phpBB, and it would fit most needs, but I didn't code it so I have to ask the guy who made it if I can use it here.
Since he made an entire CMS around it, it might even be fit for a site like this one.
Also a lot of extra coding will probably still be required.
I'm not sure if I have enough time to start on something like this but I'll consider it ;)

Here's our download system -> http://www.lostheaven.co.uk/modules.php?name=downloads

Who is your main coder btw?
"Its just creating a big database with a number of fields"

You obviously don't know what you're talking about :?

Ofcourse, creating the database wouldn't be too much trouble but it's the INTERFACE that would take 99 percent of the time. And not only the interface but also you must code secure, logical and efficient.
And ofcourse noone would put up 6500 blueprints on his own.
Sno it doesn't work that way.
PHP is a programming language, Dreamweaver and Frontpage won't get you far.
And if you never programmed before, well, you just have to gain experience.
You can't pick it up as easily as HTML for example.
I know pritty much, and where is a will is a road. i know some stuff about string loop. Just tell me the book in the bieb. lol. and i will try. Nothing wrong with trying. And bvsides with dreamweaver there is also coding. oop oops that is html. well ok.... maybe hard...
It's going to take A LOT of work to get this done. Either way the whole blueprints are going to have to be done because I don't think there is an easy way to get it done. Sure you could query the data in the database but sorting through it all is what is going to be a pain in the ***. If anyone can help, that'd be great, i am going to see what I can come up with this weekend since this will be my last free weekend for a while.
Sno, PHP is not a trick that you learn by checking the library, and reading 5 pages out of a book...

It's not easy.
And I can tell this for sure, since I know about 7 or 8 different programming languages... PHP is not something you master in one day, and certainly not something that you can auto-generate with Dreamweaver!
I think it looks great. For there it works but I dont think Id want the pictures next to the download. For me be better to click for image to see the print. But great work over there on that site. Its very clean and I like the auto-scrolling latest forum topics you guys have. Its really hard for me to make judgements since I'm totally lost when it comes to this stuff. I know what I'm looking for and want which is about it.. :) btw our codeman was the one who just replied. Envoy, hes also the starter/owner of Smcars.
Things like showing images are ofcourse easy to change.
A huge plus is that non-coders can do a lot since the CMS has many options for sidebars etc.
Funny thing is, I became admin there because they needed a coder and the site owner/started didn't have enough time :p
hey marcovtwout

Didnt u just use phpnuke but added in some custom coding of your own? Because I had that for my sites and it had that exact same setup.
Well noticed.
At first we ran Lostheaven on Nuke yes, but it had a lot of shortcomings and you needed ports for the forum and stuff.
The admin wrote his own CMS, based on Nuke because he worked some time with it. So it may look very similar indeed.
hmm I clicked your link but got a dead reply about no search crtteria. About the design and banner my only reply message Discocandy lol PM :)