Eagle Speedster

Thx a lot Kangal! =)

I got a new picture from Eagle today. Side profile from the 3rd Speedsters raw aluminium body (unpainted). Tons of information in there in didnt have before, so i gotta fix some parts on the model. Hail accuracy! :)

Anyhow, i've been working on some details and i'm starting to get some interior done...

(Don't mind the error with the inner taillights.. due to the curved body shape i'll cut holes in there after 1st subd iteration. Keepin it smooth and stuff ^_^)


bleh.. i figured some devestating inaccuracy concerning doors/flank of the car.
old door (right) compared to new, proper door (left).
now to fix rest of the car -_-



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OMG, that's just damnly good , perfect shape, perfect rims, the car is so fluent and clean. In other words, an awesome model man !!! Applause for u !!!
Thanks for the comment @Klobsters :)

@Kangal, thanks a lot for the praise! Posts like that really keeps one going ^^

I'm still struggling with the nose though -_- I hope i can fix it soon, wanna start with interior. Stay tuned!
thx a lot rickyss! =) the above render is just lit with a hdri map.

same goes for the following render, but it's another map ^^ been messing around with the brakes etc. still need to make a proper tyre!


Daddy bought mama some new shoes! Waiting for render to finish...

beforehand, here's the sidewall texture (4000x4000px) i created for the pirelli p6000. done in max, using splines.. feel free to use it yourself!

will add render asap ^^


Thanks a lot for the comments CGFreak, Kangal and Erik_S! =)

Ya, i saw your thread.. i really need to step it up a notch, as you already enjoy a solid reputation around here ^_^
I'm ''afraid'' u're going to win some award with that beauty man, it really rocks !!!
haha ^^ thanks dude. really cheers me up =)

also thanks to exidge for moving this to advanced - it's a huge compliment =)

to topic, i've been redoing the nose/headlight shape once again!! this time, with a new geometry instead of moving vertex like a retard. still needs some minor refinement though (headlights are supposed to be perfectly round from front view).

also i've been tweaking the whole body... probably properly moved every vertex there is :p

anyways, judging from the ref-pics i have - i'm quite happy with it. gonna model more stuff now =)

stay tuned!