Eagle Speedster


After watching a recent Top Gear episode, i fell in love with that half-a-million pound (£) lightweight E-Type on steroids, the Eagle Speedster!

So i decided to start a new project, and try to model that masterpiece!

recent images in following posts...


Thanks for the comments! And thanks for recieving your first post, Cummins6BT!! :)

I'm in contact with the guy who made that car and the way he talked about it ("first and second Speedster...") made me assume that those are the 2 cars in existence right now. Keep in mind, it's entirely handmade ^_^ I could be wrong too though.

I'm tweaking the front-end atm, curvy shapes give me nightmares -_- Will add pictures later!
Some tweaking done. It's a lot smoother now, and nicely curved from all angles.
Enough front-end for now, will proceed with the rest of the body next ^_^

@rickyss - yap, 500k sure aint a bargain.. well, it's a toy for rich people. why would other cars be "worth" 500k-1million. price-tag on these things are rather incidental ^^

i'd rather spend 500k on a 993 turbo + ferrari 355 + w211 55 amg + e46 m3 csl and have a bunch of nice cars and some money left over :D

on the other hand, when jeremy clarkson himself considers something 'the most beautiful thing in the world'... it might just be worth that money.

diagnostic time - no bumps allowed!! reflection test using xoliul's (former smc member, hasn't been posting in while has he?) dx shader and a zebra cubemap. i.e. rhinoceros3d has this kind of diagnostic tools in stock, xoliul made it possible for 3dsmax (thx a bunch!!)

judging from the results, i think renders will look quite nicely :) gonna finish the buttocks, then interior. stay tuned!



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Great looking model so far, where can you get that diagnostic tool? That would allow me to spend much more time modeling instead of rendering!
hey sarN, its rather a 'trick' than a ready-to-use tool. download xoliuls viewportshader and the cubemaps from his website, then setup a directx material and pick the downloaded .fx file - then make the following adjustments to the material:
diffuse color 0,0,0
specular global level 0
use fresnel reflections [x]
fresnel power 0,1
fresnel bias 0,1
fresnel multiplier 1
reflect cubemap [x]
cubemap > ReflectionZebra.dds

done. juicy realtime zebra diagnostic in the viewport :)
almost done with the body. i could tweak it for ever and ever, but i gotta stop somewhere since i want to cut in further details on 1st subdivision level. we'll see...