E-type Jag model

Hey everyone,
I'm working on my first vehicle model using blender, though I've been modelling with Blender on and off for a few years. I had a bit of trouble with workflow, maybe someone who has more experience can tell me what they think. Here's what I've been doing:

1) Create a cage with all of the major angles and curves using bezier curves.

2) Start laying down a very rough mesh using the cage as a guide to snap to (allowing me to automatically get the right shape for the car)

3) Retopologize

The reason I have to jump through these hoops is because I can't seem to create the right shapes by simply putting down geometry. Maybe its just me, but I need the cage or I can't get the shapes right.

Anyways, here's the initial retopo'd low-poly mesh of one of the most beautiful cars out there! C&C always welcome.


Hey thanks! Ya, I couldn't find a bump map for the sidewall design so I did one myself. It's not 100% accurate but it is close enough for my purpose. The tread itself is geometry, no bump maps there.
Ran into some problems and had to start over, but I'm back on track now...time for a quick update. The headlights are just stand-ins, will be modelled later. Still a lot of work left!
clay render side.jpg
clay render three quarter.jpg