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I definetly agree, and those rims are fantastic, Duron, they fit the car perfectly.

P.S I'd like so much to see u modeling the G-Power M5 E60 Hurricane RR (world Guinness fastest sedan ...over 370 km/h...) , one of the best car ever imo, practically it keeps the rage of the 5.0 V10 with the impressive torque of the double ASA superchargers. What a car !!!


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Renders soon :)

did you knew that i've worked for G-Power? Co-Development in design for rims and body kits. Bigest project was the upcoming F10 M5 Hurricane (based on my F10 5Series model). But i left the company in summer'12. The M5 is fast but you wont buy a new engine every 10k km ;) (offstage informations nobody knows....) G-Power = It's more illusion than reality.


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Oh, i didn't know that. And i didn't know either the current Hurricane is basically a crap, oh my God. It's very difficult for me to believe a german factory produces unreliable tuning kits. I've been raised in an ambient where all that comes from Germany is very good. But, if u tell it, knowing u've worked in G-Power, u have your reasons and i trust u :)


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Man, when you start a project, i know i can expect everything in it, sick modeling and so as the sick renders! And that's not a common thing here or anywhere else. Btw, that last render is very promising:)
hey duron i tried modeling the sidewall on my computer and i was suprised on how i couldnt handle that many spline and shapes. Are you poly modeling those side wall details?


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It's a kind of magic, u always surprise me even if i already should know what u're capable to do.
Very refined choice of the tones too, i sincerely love it on all the line .
It seems we have found a new benchmark since i think this is perfect.
Despite this, however, i'm quite sure before or later someone will come here saying ''this thing thou could be done this way and bla bla...'' well, just don't u listen and keep on this line, no less no more :)
Oh man these are great. I've been through the whole thread, and the way you did the base mesh was interesting, but how did you accounted for the loss of volume in smoothing with such a light base mesh or is that a non-issue with turbosmooth? Maya tends to kill volume that way. I hope that isn't considered off topic.