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Your renders are always looking absolutely great Duron! Your composition is great. For some reason though, your cg always seems to jump out of the image. Maybe it needs a bit of grain to integrate? Maybe I'm crazy?
Wow nice work here.

Just curious about the workflow you are using though.

You are basically building a surface mesh that is sub-divided once, and it is that sub-divided mesh which is aligned to match blueprints and the general form of all the primary surfaces to a level where if sub-divided further it would increasingly match the desired shapes (though this seems to happen after TS1 any way)

Once you are totally happy that this base mesh (once sub-d'd once or twice) looks perfect, you collapse the mesh with the 1TS applied.

You then use that mesh which at this point will sub-divide and leave all the major surfaces super smooth and accurate, but cut the sub-panel details into it.

Seems a pretty logical workflow, given that once a sub-d has been applied once, the result of modifying it and further sub-d will result in surfaces that are perfect to further sub-dividing the original.

I've been working on an aircraft here (military), and was struggling with trying to keep the volume correct through profiles when sub-dividing and keep working on a simple mesh... but it's simply not possible.
In the end I decided to get sub-d TS1 looking 'right' and collapsing... I kinda felt it was bad practice because it was destructive but since then I've seen other artists like Squir using this technique on cars, and now I see it here too.

And in the end it seems ok I suppose.

I suppose the important thing here is discipline to not move onto the smaller surfaces until you are entirely happy the macro stuff is constructed ideally.

So I'm assuming this was built off prints with photo reference for the details? It's not mentioned anywhere that is all :)