Delage LM 1939

NightEye said:
Amazing print, but the filesize is soooo big.. Especially for people on 56k.

Peter, where are you??? :p
Better now

Down to 395 kb now (from ca.3.5 MB), Best what i could do.
I'm on DSL but it needed some time to load.

Original file include as .zip

Hi SWbogart,
where did you search, and what was your search term?
I looked for it, too,but couldn't gather much information.
But I know that its wheelbase is 2700 mm and that its redline is 5500; producing 137 hp / 5100 rpm.
I also managed to find out some gear ratios, although I am not sure if they are 100% corrrect.

Thank you very very much for this EXCITING car,

If you can find any more pictures, I'd be very happy.

Best regards,