Datsun (PL510)

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Coupla Nissan/Datsun related jokes:
A Nissan racer in a major meeting had achieved pole position but his gearbox had collapsed. He figured he could airfreight spares overnight and be on the grid the next day. The charter plane was dispatched, but developed engine trouble during the trip, the engine losing power. Desparately trying not to come down as he was flying over water, he tried to compensate for the down-on-power engine by tossing his cargo out to reduce weight. Below, a couple were on a boat, she below decks, he sunbathing above. He gets up and goes below to find an umbrella. She asks him what for. He replies "Well, the sky was clear as a bell two seconds ago, but now its raining Datsun cogs......."

An Australian motoring journalist had been flown to Japan in the early '60s for the release of the Nissan Cedric (later models became the 240C luxobarge). A Nissan PR guy asked him what he thought of the car.
He replied "It's alright, but isn't Cedric a bit of a poof's name?" The PR guy asked him "What is 'poof'?". The journo told him that "poof" was a colloquialism for homosexual. The PR guy, puzzled, asked "Are there many of these 'poofs' in Australia?" "Too bloody many, if you ask me!" replied the journo. "Ah, then!" replied the PR rep, beaming, "we shall sell many cars!"