DAF Daffodil


dit is da bomb jiggy!
eindelijk iets van eigen bodem.
Zal ik maar een DAF-sectie aanmaken, of hebben we die al (ja, ik ben lui, het is immers zondag ;)

for those who don't understand the text in this topic: it's dutch :p
We already have a DAF section, I made it long time ago :mrgreen:
Anyway, just wait for 2 or 3 days before moving them, else noone will ever see the true beauty of these cars.. :)
Like how it shows the seats, steering wheels, and spare wheel. Never heard of the car before, but it looks like a classic.

Also I have only understood 10% of this thread
Daf rocks, ik heb et Dafmuseum in Eindhove es bezocht.
Daf rocks, I once visited the Dafmuseum in Eindhoven.
Niet minder dan een regelrechte aanrader :D .
You really should visit it once.

Got ze translation ünder ze Dutch text for all non-dutch aïiiiiight.