Daewoo Cielo / Nexia


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Re: Daewoo Cielo

Looks like cris just bought himself a car and decided to share it's manual with us! (I'm serious, I know the guy in real life.... :D )
Ahh the Nexia, dreadful car, i had one 2 years ago and it never worked well.
Nice outline though, may even do one someday (nostalgia :mrgreen: )
This isn't Nexia... the Nexia is a hatchback... but this is the sedan version... anyway, doesn't matter what it is called that much... the important thing is to be useful to somebody out there.

Yep... me and G are buddies.. :p  And yeah, I got muy self a Cielo... and it's a good car...
The car which was maked in Korea, Uzbekistan, Russia named Nexia, in Rumania is named Cielo. Sedan or hatchback it does not matter
i have nexia since 1997, a naver had any problems, i had 3 very big accidents and all of them was front to front!!! car still works!!! i love that car its wery cheep, big and i love him!!! hav anybudy hathback blueprints 5 doors!!!!!!