Dacia SuperNova

Found a guy who owns one and that gave me the manual for a few days. I scanned the views, but the little book couldn't be placed straight in the scanner. I adjusted it after scanning, don't know if it's right.
Wow, I was actually able to upload it myself...thumbs up to the site owners!

Edit: removed attachment and replaced by smaller one...



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Sorry Pope, but attachments of 6.45 MB :eek: :eek: are waaaay too big for people using dialup connections, so I downloaded your image, cleaned it up a bit and made it 1500 x 927 pixels instead of the original 3790 x 2340 pixels.
Since the quality of the scan wasn' t too impressive, I' d suggest you scan it again . Try to use " descreen " or something if your scanner supports this and then clean it up ( see the stickies above ) to make smaller files...

Well, there are other scans of this car's manual here, and the only reason I wanted to post that huge file is because the manual itself looks crappy. I wanted people to have the closest thing to the real manual.
While I was typing this, I realized there are no other scans with the SuperNova (I did a quick search). I remember I took another scan directly from here. I'll post it again (I think Tazzz posted it before). It's probably much better than my huge scan. Or, if you think I should re-post that 6 Mb file, just tell me. I think it's better as a texture on a plane in 3ds Max (that's how I model) because it's large and you can zoom in a lot. And this one is for the dial-up users. Well ? :)