Dacia Logan - also known as Dacia X90 or L90 (56k warning)


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so...this car was unvauiled for the first time today, 2nd of June 2004, in Paris and Bucharest :D

this is the first big step forward for the Romanian car industry

the starting price for the car is about 5000 euros and the top version will be about 7500...this car is for the poor countries of the globe...nicknamed poor-man's limousine :) it will hit the market's in Romania, Rusia, Iran, Argentina i think about september-october 2004...can't remember more ;)

this is the sedan version...


hehe well unveiled today and already got prints on donation here, thanks Tazzz, The prints remind me of how Renault does theres.


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the Romanian company Dacia is owned now by Renault, since 1999 :)
the first Dacia's were made using the plans/blueprints of the Renault 8
and then the Renault 12...then...the company was in the state's ownership
(the Romanian state owned it)...then sold it to foreign investors...so
Renault bought 51% of the shares and now controls the company...

roumor has it that the car was unvailed so soon before it's actual
apearance o the market because one of renaults competitors plans to
launch a car for the same market segment...