Dacia Duster / ARO 10 (1985)

You're right Arthur. I found it mentioned here. But it didn't have much to do with Dacia, I guess it was easier to market that way. According to that link it also bore several other names and the Dacia version was the one with the lowest horse power.
tnx for them , searched them some time ago

but the title should be ARO 10 /Dacia Duster cuz the original manufacturer was Aro but because Dacia was more known and already had dealers it was rebadged as a Dacia for the Uk market
The point is that it had a Dacia engine :)) Except the car was permanently RWD and you could switch to 4x4. That's it.

Some rare cars are found in Romania with the Dacia 10 badge on the front, but the majority have the ARO 10 logo. It's because ARO used the Dacia engine.