DA Porsche 991 Turbo S


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Knowing how u work i'm quite sure it's just a lights' problem, but the reflections on the side don't look so clean in some parts to say the truth. I repeat, it must be a lights' problem only ;)


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Spline cage from camera matched ref pictures instead of using blueprints.

You mean around the air intake?


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Yes, that's one of the places. Also there's something's weird on the right side of the skirt's convession, and overall the big reflection on the door and part of the front fender seems cutted in some longitudinal pieces.
This is what i mean, i ask sorry if i wrong fooled by the reflections.



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Ok, as expected. It's because the crease has no chamfer. It's the same technique as the M6 so no worries :D

This is my strategy.. i never start with filltes/details too early as many do. For me the surface is much more important as first step than the fillets/details. People create surfaces and then directly chamfers further to conceal sometimes bad modelling skills.

But hey, still report me if you see something ;)


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@ Duron
Thanks for the reply mate, i was sure u had planned something about it.It's always interesting to know your workflow and i agree with u definetly .
I don't think so i'll remark any issues , usually your works are technically perfect.
Hi Duron,

Base mesh is looking great. :)

Regarding the crease at the bottom how do you achieve that when using subsurf without adding additional edges? In Blender there's a tool call crease, but it doesn't work too well with the subdivision, is it a similar system in 3ds Max? Where you can sharpen an edge without having to resort to adding extra edges?

The P
Looking great so far!!
@GrandeP I think there's a similar thing in Max as well...when in edge selection there's a CREASE option in the Edit Edges..if you increase the amount in sharpens the selected edge...however there isnt much control over it as it usually makes an edge too sharp..I have used it a few times but dint satisfy me that much..other than this there's smoothing groups like what Duron mentioned above. :)


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I'm using Xulioul Shader.

Some Progress after a while.

I corrected the overall propotions now, they were really bad before.

The preTS1 mesh is still wip. I'm ignoring also some issues like the side intake area because it's easier to correct them later. Please still remark if something is weird to you - Thanks.

ps: I changed the color of my viewport shader to simple blue now. It is nothing special but I still hope this time nobody copy this 1:1 like the green/yellow one which i've used in the past. I hate that 1:1 copying -.-