[DA] F430 Pearl White


But the sky is blue in that environment. Really well done Duron. Great work on the RIMs, they really fit the car! The only thing I don't like is the reardiffusor doesn't blend into the ground shadow, which makes it look a little bit cut into the plate. Tires are also sick! The DOF on the ground also looks weird in some places.

Edit: Posted on Facebook SMC Fanpage and it's Cover! ( God wanted it, thanks to him)



Thtat's not a night shot, you see it wrong :)))). It's just some play with colors , just a personal style. I think it's great.



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Hi Duron & Exidge

If the target is to get verisimilitude and art all together, i just think u've fully obtained them.
I also think all our different opinions about top notch works like this are related to personal tastes and different minor shades, someone would prefer a thing, someone else would change another thing, but the truth is that this work is frankly perfect as usual, both the awesome model, both the inspired render.
In front of work like this, i only can be admired with the desire to learn more and to improve my skills, hopefully to be a day less far from it !
It's kinda the same feeling i have watching 211's great works too.
I thank u great professionals to continuously inspire me, giving me the opportunity to take these works as benchmark :)
Love your work Duron! Do you mind if I ask how much of the final result is down to 3D and how much is achieved in post processing/compositing?


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I'm quite envious of your render/lighting skills. I would love to see your render settings and scene setup, though I'd imagine you like keeping that info private :p I don't blame you though, achieving those results is far from easy. I'm a modeler, but I really enjoy rendering and lighting. I just haven't found my place with those aspects of 3d yet, and most of the extremely good render techs only share the basics that most people already know lol

Great work though!
Awesome render, one observation I have though is that the lights above the number plate are on, but none of the rear lights are lit. Wouldn't the lights have to be on for the number plate lights to be on?