Customizing a 58 Impala

Hi all. I'm new here and am wanting to start a design for customizing a 58 Chevy Impala and sandwiching it on a 2008 Chevy frame/chassis/running gear/safety equipment/etc. The wheel base of the 58 is 117.5" and the a possible donor 08 might be a Chevy pickup which has a 119" wheelbase. Any ideas along this line would be much appreciated. AND also am looking for a CAD or Graphics program to do this design, any ideas there?


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You could do a cut & shut on the CHevy chassis & remove the 1.5" from the middle then do some reenforcments round that.

Thats how it was done when this was built.

It was a 6X2 semi origionally.
Thanks for that Eminox. I had a suspicion that cutting the 2008 frame would be involved as using the 1958 X frame probably won't fit the new engine, trannny, etc. too well. A pickup frame probably will be the way I have to go as it is the only Chevy (except Vans) with rear wheel drive in this era.