Crazy Japanese Car show

yeah I havent been through them all yet but most of them , sadly most pictures are small, but the Japanese have some of the rarest cars. Not in how they were made or who made them, but the way they work there cars. Exotics especially. I saw a pure black F50 ( SEXY), for examples, Crazy cars show hehe.

Thanks for the links
some people just must be kept away from redecorating cars. its a shame what they done to them. but one thing is sure, they will be noticed... :D and laughed.
on an interesting note.. did you know that if your in a group chat on MSN with a bunch of people you WILL be kicked for using that url or anything that has .infoseek in the url. I have no idea why. Infoseek doesnt seem like that much of a nemesis to MSN if you ask me.