Crazy Cars

Hey guys!
Not sure how to start this topic... There was a time back in 2006/8 where i was very into the 2D car shading. I wanted to learn and understand it, but i failed miserably leaving the idea aside.;( Still i made some concepts which when i see now, they look very bandy with wrong perspective and idiotic shading.:picaso: So i was not sure if i want to post them, because you guys here are pros and i might look like a fool.:D
But anyways, i will like to hear what are you thinking for the concepts and to give me some tips, advices or tutorials for car shading.
Thanks and cheers!


this is very hard stuff to do , i use to try this also lol . they look cool to be honest really funky designs, you shouldnt hesitate showing this as there actually good renders


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I'll be honest ... there is nothing to much wrong with this pictures, yes may be a little bit , just slightly out of perspective, and the shading could be better, but since you are already working in 3D ...
use one of your models light it up with different kind of light's from different angles, give it a small render, and try to copy that how you did this pictures...

Because shading is all about the light.

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Thank you guys, appreciate it! ;)
I will try what you said about lighting a model in 3d and then copy it in 2d, because for me (i guess for others too) understanding how the light reacts on a different shapes is the biggest problem... Because i notice that most of the times its not about how logical 2d shading is, but to know exactly where and how to shade it. I am sure there are some rules, like learning drawing in school, which you have to know to be able to do a 2d concept car. :)
As you said "Practice is everything we need in this life, to become successful."