Crane Car Reel


Impressive camera movements from a real car rig. Audi RS6 Camera Car w/ Crane-Fly Two-Axis Crane. Crane Car develops and operates stabilized, multiple axis, car mounted camera cranes and other motion picture production equipment and vehicles.

Video courtesy of "The Famous Group"
Directed by Greg Harvey
Audio by Glass Candy - Digital Versicolor

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This is quite impressive. A gyro stabilized camera with slow motion capabilities would make this the ultimate camera car, but those are so pricey! Great composition and fluid camera work here!


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That's one of my favorites too. Reminds me of the Ferrari 458 Italia shot out of the GT5 teaser a while back, where it does a similar camera move.


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Yep, this car doesn't drift at all in the real life thou, unless it's wet as hell on the ground, and u can't block the front diff to have the 100% of the torque on the rear wheels anyway.