cr-z to go super gt????

check it out!!!!!!!
i dont entend to break any copyright rules with this, only thought it was too cool for you guys not to read.

quoted from Car Reviews: New Car Prices and Used Cars Classifieds :

"An unknown builder is currently fabricating up a mid-engine Honda CR-Z, sporting a completely custom widebody and carbon fiber doors. While it may just be a concept car for the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon, some rumors are hinting that this Honda CR-Z might be being built for the Japanese SuperGT racing series, competing in the GT300 class. Given how popular the CR-Z has already become in Japan, this would be a pretty cool move by Honda.
Currently Honda already competes in the GT500 class with the HSV-010 GT race car.

Obviously the CR-Z that any layman can buy is just a gas-saving, tree-hugging hybrid
, but how wicked would it be to see this CR-Z actually perform on the track rather than just being a show car? We’re really curious as to the powerplant that’s being used as a mock up, especially as GT300 class cars make 300-hp. Stay tuned, this is one CR-Z we’re staying on top of!"



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4th pic wide front looks awesome :O like it a lot, but wanna see short back with all this wide carbonized stuff ^^