Corvette C7 Stingray 2014

Nice cage! Did you build the cage off image references only?
If so do you have any tutorials on how do to do? With getting all the images lined up and such, or was it all freehand?
Also can't wait to see how this goes.
ahh okay, I've been wanting to do a c7 for a while now, just there's no blueprints, I've just started building spline cages for my models, maybe my next project will be to model some car with reference images and such :)


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Nothing to comment at this stage, but base shape looks good and also like your spline cage, especially quality, keep it on! Will follow to this project.
Looks good, however it'll be interesting to see how it's possible to model a car in this way.

I've tried it but didn't like the idea of having to cut pieces out of the car NURBS style...


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After break!

Here is the WIP of C7
2nd Step Initiated :)

With Reflections :)
Some adjustments and optimization left..!

Rims are WIP :p

1.jpeg 2.jpeg 3.jpeg 4.jpeg 5.jpeg 6.jpeg 7.jpeg 8.jpeg