Coolest steering wheel ever made

We can spend an entire day right infront of one without noticing it... No car interior would feel complete without one...We stare right over it while clutching it in our fingers, but still the steering wheel is often overlooked except on classic cars. In your opinion SMC users what is the most beautiful/cool/sexy steering wheel ever made, be it on a modern car, a classic, or even a concept.

As for me, i just purchased a 1956 fargo truck, and i think the simple rubber wrapped steering wheel looks great, but i must say that the most beautiful steering wheel ever made is the one from the first honda sports car, the s600.

Looking forward to your comments!
Yes MrGraf i totally agree with you, the addition of airbags practically ruined the look of most steering wheels. Not only that, but am i the only one here that feels nervous as hell every time i drive behind something that can explode in my face? Thankfully about half the cars i drive don't have airbags. Yeah and on top of that they are mandatory on modern production cars o_O All the steering wheels now are really chunky.

Rickys, yeah that does look fun to drive, the square'ish design of that wheel does make it look like a modern racing car. What van/truck/car is it on? All the buttons look really accessible too! cool