Contest after the BIG crash


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I guess we need a contest to get us back together and unite again.

Let's begin an "After the Crash" Contest.... Something like a Post-Apocalyptic based theme. Computers broken, hackers hanged by their tiny, self squeezed, furry balls. Front bumpers made of graphic cards' parts, etc...


Is it possible or there are many things to fix on the forum before that????


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When I saw "After the Crash", accidents and race crashes is what came to mind first. I'd prefer that really. It might add a higher degree of difficulty, but it could really allow someone to take a simple model, and take it a long ways. Heck it could just be minor damage like bumpers hanging off, lights missing, etc.
i have so much of damn school, but what ever! im in and looking for it, as the after crash post apocalyptic like after years again starting 3dsmax :D SMCars FTW and we know it :D:D:D (yeah, I slept well today .) )

As it, hey you all, long years smcars' addicts .)
naMReg, I think it's a great idea! Falango's idea sounds great as well, I wouldn't mind entering either one... Only things is, I am moving to another country within this month, so dunno how much time I will have.

I really want another contest, in which I can finally enter and finish what I started xD

Good to be back, you guys!