Concept Hotrod Collaberation with Scott Robertson

This project started out two years ago as a thumbnail sketch by Scott Robertson for the Inktober project. Over the course of two years the car has gone through many iterations and refinement culminating in the model you see here.

There is a complete motor bay that still needs to be rendered up and I hope to upload that in a few days.

Tim Feher was involved in this project as well and his extensive help is hugely appreciated. The shot with the sand dunes in the background is Tim's work. Thanks Tim for your endless patience on this long drawn out project.

Scott Robertson: Concept design, Sandy McPherson: 3D model, lighting, Texturing, Tim Feher: Lighting
Modeled in Modo 801, 901, Modo 10 Rendered in Keyshot 7 post in Photoshop.



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Very good work mate! Love it how you did the tire, and how you placed the car in the environment! I was never able to get this result with Keyshot!


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The only think I can critique on this is change the DOF on your rendering camera so that the back of the rod is slightly out of focus, other than that. Perfect :D