cobra 427

Real nice car and render man. Liking the paint flecks.

Crits wise: A little more AA would help the jaggies on the chrome, number plate mats need work (too diffusey) and the bottom back of the car looks really thin. Is the body just a plane? doesn't look like it has much or any thickness.
have some crit to offer - If i see the bottom rear part of the car carefully, it looks very sharp and ends almost abruptly without showing any sign of thickness or rounding inwards, perhaps addition of shell modifier would give it more realistic look.

just a thought... otherwise everything else is way too realistic to belong to 3d world! :)


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looking really good... I would have a tiny suggestion about the dashboard ... since you decieded to model the holes.. it would be nice to show them ... unless the actual insturents are bigger then the hole and you only did to prevent penetration :)

edit: so i've checked some photos.. and the instruments are indeed bigger.. however somethimes ther'es a small indentation around them .. it might make them look more interesting I think :)
@ nosalys Thanks for your comments.
I have modelled the instruments holes on the dashboard.
I disagree with you about the instruments dia.
The Cobra gauges diameters are 100mm for the tacho and the speedo and 52mm for the others and it is what I modelled.
the interior shot is almost perfect! the only thing giving it away is the glass... have you tried making it rounded in the edges? and it should not be so additive.
End of the Cobra.
She sold the car and takes delivery of a brand new one-77. :grin:
Just playing with reflexions.