cobra 427


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texturing looks great on the tire! I feel that it is out of place though when looking at the non-textured other shaders. I like what i see so far!
Hi Robert.
Your modelling is perfect as usual.
The only thing i would change is the tire and rim material.The blue mat has to much and to large bump.
The good year typo is to blured.but this is only my opinion.hope you don`t mind.
what i like very much is the headlight.The chassis looks great.As i said before modelling top.
many thanks you are right with the blue map that is to large. I 'll fix it.
I am jalous with your Goodyear map that is just perfect, did you design it?
0.o .... just 0.o ... I just cannot speak... well, lemme write it down then XD This just looks... AMAZING!!! Your model inspired me to get started again!!!