cobra 427


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Wow man, love that brushed metal material on the car body and the brake disc material too.... any tips about creating them???? :D


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So, u mean that if a model isn't like those awarded stuff doesn't deserve to be called as ''very good'', right?
Haha no, misunderstood what you were asking, never mind, my bad:) I like the attention to detail so far, keep it up allrob!


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It looks just brilliant! :) Could you tell something about the glass material you have made? The refraction on the edges is just great!! :)


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stunning work, but I do have a slight constructive crit:
the steel texture is too low res, either that or you need more texture space dedicated to the texture (tiled a couple more times)

other than that, fantastic work!


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Looking great so far, seeing one of these (well a kit car) in California when I was young was what first got me into cars in the first place. I don't like how you modeled the side mirror though, you can see the pinching on the front. Should be an easy piece to model manually (looks like you distorted a sphere or something)