Citroën 2CV (1962)

I'll definately make that colour scheme, too. It's my personal favorite ;)
But for the contest, I'll do something different..... :D

Progress from last night. I didn't have any refpics, so progress was slow. Had to work entirely from the prints.. sigh..


You, accepting to work without any refpic ? I just can't believe it ! Anyway, nice to read you'll go with that colour scheme. Keep us updated !
@tom: I know, I'm ashamed of myself......... But I have refpics, but they were on a different pc, and my girlfriend was working on that one :p
@Catlin: Yeah I have that refpic, just as all refpics from here 8)
Nice ride, that's redneck style :grin:
Had a bit of refpic modeling again :grin:
I know the refs from my link are from the '85 model, but I'm doing my best to stick with the '62 design.

Here's the progress. I know in some places the wire is bad. But I will sort that out once the body is finished :)
1320 tri's.

Progress is slow. The side is still very WIP, because I need to see the doors in real life. On photo's you just can't see how it's built.
2172 tri's sofar.

I know about that edge on the side-front thing :p