Chrysler Voyager (1992)


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yay! I love older vehicles like this... great find btw

was this from a manual or something? or was there actually a scale model of it?
In 1992 the Voyager was a Plymouth model, the Caravan was Dodge's version & the Chysler version was called Town & Country.

Not in Germany or the rest of Europe, and this is apparently from a German brochure.

A bit of trivia:

Tony Blair once owned a Chrysler Voyager minivan.
never was fond of this generation of Chrysler minivans, but I was planning on making this body style (which in American was the 2nd gen Dodge Caravan, I can tell by the crosshair style gril) but this one is most defiantly a European Chrysler minivan, Americans didn't have the little fender light in front of the doors. Good prints, should find good use for these