Chrysler Town & Country


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Funny how one car can be called many different names:

Grand Caravan
Town & Country
Grand Voyager
The difference is merely the options and the wheelbase of vehicles...I believe :p
Actually, no; the wheelbases are EXACTLY the same, and the options, of course, depend on which subsidiary installs them first. ;)

The ONLY difference between all of these vans is one thing: the grill. This is obviously a Chrysler from the grill alone. However, these would be most helpful in anyone modelling a Dodge Caravan, a Town & Country, or a Voyager.

However, the Grand Caravan/Voyager have something different from the above models, which IS the wheelbase; both are the same length, however, are much longer than their predecessors...thus, the term "Grand" (e.g., Jeep GRAND Cherokee ;)).


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hey, ive been looking for these blueprints. thanks alot for posting them! couldnt find any minivan blueprints anywhere else on the web. nobody would know where i could find a better top view would they? this one seems awefully off to me. either that or its the front view.

well Im modeling this thing but as far as I can tell it might be the top view is a little off, infact they all seem a little off, but I think thats just the way I cut the blueprints