chrysler 300c

To use these cars as blueprints, you need to take out the perspective as much as possible. To do this, go to photomode in a place that allows you to place the camera very far away from the car, then zoom in as much as possible before you take a picture of the car. By zooming in, you reduce the aperature size, thus reducing the amount of lense that is used to reflect the picture, and reducing the amount of perspective or depth that is portrayed in the picture. Photomode replicates this very well, so try it out. I made some of a Mustang Shelby 350R. Here it is for referance:


good stuff it's too bad shadowing kinda ruines it abit but i guess people will overlook the shadowing anyways...

also one thing that i should point out to those who make blueprints out in GT4 makes sure the car is white or any other bright color so the car shape and detail can be seen :D. it's quite crummy when there's a car that has a dark color paint job and a blueprint is made from it and ya can't see the detailing on it :|