Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Concept (2009)

Few things to note....

I'm not a Photoshop junkie, a photographer or MultimediaMan, so go easy on me. This is my first and probably last time making blueprints.

I would say the blueprints are 80%-90% consistent (i.e. details line up). Just so you know, I trust the TOP view the most, then SIDE view, then FRONT and I have no confidence at all in BACK view (untested). :p Otherwise, use your judgement in some places.

Also, some details are missing from the real thing (like the 4 exhausts, and supercool "STINGRAY" motto at the back, wrong rims...etc), so I've attached some ref pics as well. More ref pics can be found at NetCarShow, here.

Hopefully, some skilled modelers from here can model it to perfection and then release better blueprints later on.


Silent1unkown, where did you get the model so that i can purchase it and use it to model the car using Zmodeler to put in NFS Shift 1 PC?