Cars sightings this summer

Nice pics Tom :)

My workmate has seen the new Mercedes SLS driving around the city. I'll try to catch it sometime and take a pic. Some lucky guy who owns it...
Nice pictures you shot there.

I am working at the TÜV by the time writing (it's our german technical control board) and have the chance to test some realy nice cars (F430 Ferrari for example).
But unfortunately nothing as nice as the jaguar E-type you shot :(
I went to France 2 months ago and saw a lot of Fiat 500's and smart cars haha. Nothing spectacular though except for the ferrari. Couldn't get a good shot of it because everyone was surrounding it haha. It was a 360 I think.

not a car but still fully sick


aka chosenlv
nice photos Tom ;) i realy like paint of Italian Police one of the best IMO!

Minis, Fiats 500's btw New Megane looks awesome, like it!

here are some cars what i found in capital of Latvia (where I live) in Riga:

classic mini:

carrera 4S as you see :D

and one awesome Bentley GT with carbon details like carbon bonnet, hood and details and matte car paint

big pic of it:

also there are more great cars lambos, merc and ferrari but no Zonda's ;(