Cars - Doc Hudson

Amazing work, you really have put a lot of work into this and it shows. I still remember the old Lotus Elise you did back in NFS4 days with Tshine... my how far you have come ;)
That Elise is still one of my best works, to be honest :D Thanks for the kind words :)

I'm shocked though that noone spotted that very obvious noobish mistake :D Gonna work on it right away, making some feet.. er... wheels :D


Great update. Since I tell my 5 year old son about your project, he's asking me every day if you committed some updates. SO FINISH THIS ONE and don't make my son crying.

Tom aka "Motivation for dummies" XD

PS : I'm a noob, by the way. I didn't see your so obvious mistake ;)
Yikes, now I have to.. :eek: Don't wanna make little kids cry..

I'll be posting small updates then, as you/he wish/wishes :D

For now, the wheels and the wheel wells, and the chrome side thingy is more detailed now.

Render times aren't bad actually. 22 minutes for this one.

Oh, and for all you noobers: the error is fixed :p
And thanks Janus :)
@shilpinator: 1 GHz ftw :D

I actually might slap some textures on. I'll think about it :)
Would be cool to render them together :D

Couldn't be bothered to model any further, so here's a little (size wise) update on the scene:

Doing this one in a slightly bigger res now; as I'm going to bed anyway. I'll update the pic tomorrow.
Nice! If you finish it on time it should be one hell of a choice to pick a winner. I like the idea of the scene and you made it pretty good. Only the rocks on the back aren't quite it yet imo.
The rocks are just in a very early stage, ofcourse :) Thanks Erik!

I modeled quite some stuff on the rear this morning, but forgot to update the thread. So here it is. I also began working on the doorpanels, but I can't show that right now since I'm not at home. But that'll come after the christmas days :)