Cars - Doc Hudson

It's a really basic start sofar, and very disproportioned, but I just wanted you to know what I'm going to do. The prints I have are from a different car and refpics are scarce, so please bear with me :p

Only comments I want to hear are:
Here's a good site with refpics!

This is what I'm after:

And this is where I'm at after a few minutes:

Little update:


You're right, it's a bit out proportion at the moment. But I don't worry about that, your model looks smooth enough and you're skilled enough to fix it damage-less.

Keep it up, you need to go really fast this time !


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Croq that is nice, it is that car, plenty of ref pictures, but still he is doing it from the movie ;)
this is helpful for proportion and some details :)

u can find plenty pictures here:
Photos from Cars

Hope it helps ;)
It should be a Hudson Hornet actually, but that car is pretty close to it. Thanks for that :)

As far as IMDB: There isn't much around there, only two images (the rest is the same pose on a different background).
Thanks though :)

I've unlocked Doc Hudson in the game and took a few screenshots and used them as prints and reference. I managed to fix things quite well, although I'm nowhere near finished with fixing. But an update anyway :) Eyes are just temporary.

Great job NE, I'm glad you joined in on this, we needed a Cars entree. So far very nice, some areas but you still got more work to do so that will get settled I'm sure.
Now your telling....

J/k, nice site, I can definately use the ones from the back and side :)

Thanks for the comments, guys :)
I got some updates (on the final scene already, and on the car itself), but I'm not at home right now, so you'll have to wait :D
I did the mouth of the car, and once rigged and animated, it's gonna look cool I hope!
Okay so here are some updates!

This was just to test some materials, which I will never render again after today :p I hope I can stick with clay untill it's done.

This is the beginning of the final render:

And this one has its mouth ready and rigged :) (leaving the dust out for now, takes long to render).


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Nice I love the scene u picked to do ;) everything looks good , maby take a better look at eyes His left eye should go more to his right and his right eye should go more down ;) everything else is ok to me ;)